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About Capital Queers 2021 Entry: Night Like This:

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in 2020 was the last event many of us got to see each other and celebrate who we are together. Capital Queer’s “Night Like This” celebrates Mardi Gras 2020 and how that night and the memories we made together got us through the hardest parts of the past year while our worlds changed completely and we were disconnected from each other. Through song and dance and celebration we’re making more memories tonight together again.

Creative Concept:

Capital Queers will be utilising twirling flags and choreography to bring to life a living, dancing Progress Pride Flag that represents our rainbow community, the trans community and people of colour.

We are restricted to just 40 positions this year under the Covid-Safe plan and all participants are required to learn choreography and attend dance rehearsals, as well as follow all Capital Queers and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras directions for the 2021 parade.


You will receive TWO tickets - one provided by Capital Queers upon sign up for and another from Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras for your entry into the stadium and parade.

For the purposes of sign up - we require the name that matches your photo ID even if this is not the name you are commonly known as, we apologise for this inconvienience.


SGLMG have developed a COVID Safe Event Operations Plan in accordance with the current Public Health Orders, industry guidelines, expert consultations and exemptions already enacted in NSW.
SGLMG will amend these plans in accordance with the relevant active Public Health Order prior to the Parade.
• SGLMG reserves the right to refuse entry to any Participants suspected and/or displaying COVID-19 like symptoms.
• SGLMG strongly recommends that Participants download the COVIDSafe App.
• All participants must monitor their own health in the weeks prior to the event and should not attend if they experience any symptoms or are awaiting COVID-19 test results.

All Entrants and Participants must comply with the following:
• All Participants must have pre-registered their full name, contact number, email address and postal code and agreed to the T&Cs prior to the Parade.
• Each Entrant group must arrive to the Venue with all their Participants at their assigned arrival times, with no exceptions.
• SGLMG have staggered arrival times to limit the amount of people on site at any one time and to avoid any queuing or “bottle-necks” at entry points.
• Upon arrival and to gain access to the Venue, all Participants must:
o Pass the mandatory temperature checks and symptoms screening:
▪ If a participant fails the mandatory temperature check, they will be accompanied to an isolation zone and re-tested 15 minutes later. If they fail a second temperature check, they will not be permitted to participate in the Parade.
▪ SGLMG reserves the right to remove the entire Parade Entry if one or more group members are displaying symptoms or fail symptom screening.
o Declare the following:
▪ Person is not currently experiencing standard COVID symptoms
▪ Person has not returned from overseas within the past 14 days
▪ Person is not currently awaiting results of COVID-19 test
▪ Person has not been directed to isolate for 14 days as a result of a positive test
▪ Person has not been in contact with a person who is suspected of being positive
▪ Person has not been directed to isolate for 14 days as a result of being in close contact with another COVID-19 patients
o Present their QR code ticket/pass to check in
o Present valid and current photo identification that corresponds with the registered name on the ticket/pass. Contact details may also be re-confirmed for contact tracing.
o Use the hand sanitiser provided
o Collect and immediately wear their face mask. Single use masks will be available; however, Participants can use their own mask if preferred. Parents must provide face masks for children to ensure they fit. All masks brought by Participants must cover nose and mouth and must not have any holes (e.g. mesh or tulle material).
o Collect their own accreditation to minimise cross contamination. Participants must not collect accreditation on behalf of another Participant.
• SGLMG will have dedicated COVID Marshalls on site, as well as assign two (2) dedicated volunteers to each Entrant group to assist in the adherence to health and safety protocols. All
Participants must follow the directions of these personnel at all times.
• The Marshalling Area will be divided into “Sections” – each group must not leave their designated Section until directed by SGLMG staff/volunteers. Each section is designed to meet
the 1 person per 4 square metre ratio of current health orders. Each Section will have their own toilets, water stations and hand wash facilities. Participants must not use facilities outside
their designated Section.
• Pass-outs will not be permitted, to minimise cross contamination with other arriving Participants, spectators or other general members of the public – i.e. Participants will not be permitted to leave and re-enter the Marshalling Area once they have checked in.
• Participants are not permitted to bring food or liquid into the Marshalling Area. Any food will be disposed of prior to entry and bottles or containers of water/other liquids will be emptied.
The Marshalling Area will have water refill stations for Participants to fill water bottles.
• All Participants must practise physical distancing. This means:
o Participants must maintain a distance of 1.5m from each other at all times.
o No handshakes, hugging, kissing or spitting
o Participants must follow floor markings, physical barriers or signage while queuing
o For any non-performing groups, there must be 1.5 metres distance between all individual Participants within an Entrant group. For any groups who are singing, dancing or chanting, there must be 2 metres distance between all individual Participants within an Entrant group, due to the increase in respiratory exertion involved.
o Special exemptions will be made for any individuals who require a carer to interact with them and exist within the usual 4 square meter per person “bubble”. This will
only be permitted if approved in advance by SGLMG, and participants will receive specific accreditation to certify this.
• Face Masks:
o All Participants must wear face masks at all times while in the Marshalling Area and travelling to/from the stadium. There will be no exceptions to this rule under our
COVID Safe Event Plan.
o Face masks will be provided by SGLMG, or Participants can bring their own. If Participants choose to bring their own face mask, masks must:
▪ Cover nose and mouth
▪ Not have any holes e.g. mesh or tulle material
o Participants are permitted to remove their mask whilst performing on the Parade Route if they wish. Face masks can only be removed when directed by staff at entry
to the SCG Field of Play. Face masks must be disposed of directly into the bins provided.
o Participants will be provided with a new face mask as they exit the Parade Route. This mask must be worn until they have exited the Venue.
o SGLMG encourages all participants to continue wearing these masks as they leave the precinct and travel home, particularly if using public transport.
• After exiting the Route, Participants will be directed to vacate the Venue/general area immediately and must not linger in order to minimise contact with other Participants or
patrons exiting the Venue. Participants are not permitted to re-enter the Marshalling Area or Venue.
• Participants must not interact with other Entrants or members of the public during movement from the Marshalling Area to the Route, or whilst on the Route.

Date: March 06, 2021

Start time: 18:00 AEST

End time: 22:00 AEST

Venue: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG)

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